Big guitars, emphatic sing-along choruses and an energy that's always moving things forward.

- We Own This Town

Definitely a great addition to our local soundscape.

- Nashville Scene

I Believe in Hotpants was an energetic three piece that kicked out jams and made the crowd take their hands out of their pockets.


I Believe in Hotpants' extended player is more than enjoyable and is no doubt something that kids need to get into.

- Redefine Magazine

It's that sound that reminds you of the leather, or suede, interior of your grandfather's old Cadillac: smooth and comfortable, and at other times, a little gritty and rough around the edges.

- JTHS Newspaper

Despite the wacky band name, this Nashville indie band crossed our radars after sending us a few tracks from their latest album, The Teenage Pregnancy Party.

- Indie Rock Cafe