Hello, World.

Aug 10 2014

"MU-1915 checking in with base.  Beginning check for signs of life."

We began our rounds and prepared for nothing to happen.  It's been like this for nearly two years.  Two solid years of mediocrity in this region.  The same routine for me and my partner.  Cresting hill after hill and reporting the same nothingness back to base.    

As a bad moon rose over the lush tree line, in the distance, we heard faint sounds of distortion rolling over the hills near Nashville, TN.  A small shimmering light appeared near the top of one such hill.  But...this can't be possible.  The landscape has been completely void for nearly two years.

"Shall we engage?"

"Let's move closer, but hold fast.  We don't want to startle it."

As we maneuvered the craft closer to the outpost where these sounds were coming from, we began to realize this wasn't just pointless noise, but a form of communication that must be unique to the lifeforms of this planet.  We quietly approached and listened carefully to the sounds.

"We are I Believe in Hotpants.  This song is called..."

We had only heard the stories from our superiors.  We had no idea what to expect.  The volume was near unbearable as this trio of creatures proceeded to create a wall of sound so loud, it nearly knocked us down.  Somewhat surprisingly, we weren't offended and were soon mesmerized by the thing.  Who were I Believe in Hotpants?  Why haven't we heard anything like this is the past two years?  What is going on?!

As we began to return to base to complete our nightly regiment, we could only manage one message to headquarters. 

"I Believe in back."

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I am the Forest

Jul 03 2014

Kevin just released his first official solo record, which was recorded and engineered by Mike.  Check it out here: I Am The Forest

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The haps

Sep 25 2013

Hey guys,

Just putting together a list of more recent links for you to enjoy.

Mike`s Studio (now accepting projects!)

ACCIDNTLPLAN (Mike`s hot pop jams)

Kevin`s Latest Solo Stuff (Mayor Byrne)

Our Facebook (go ahead, give us a like)

As always, feel free to hit Mike and/or me up if you`re interested in anything, or need to talk to someone.  If you need IBIHP swag, we have it, and we`ll give you the friends and family discount.



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Accidental Plan Studios

May 28 2013

Hey all,  

Made up a little webstie for the home studio I'm running here in Nashville, and thought you might like to see it.  Please recommend it to any friends that need audio work done (even remote mixing!).

Accidental Plan Studios

All the best,

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Hey Friends!

Mar 20 2013

In most recent IBIHP news, we've been chatting about doing a new Hotpants single/b-side or EP during Jim's summer semester break.  I think we can definitely say single, and we'll go from there depending on material!

Thanks and love always,

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Let's fill you in...

Dec 19 2012

We've been busy at work working on a new side project called, Songs To Dance To.  Website is in the works, and it will be full of animated squirrel gifs and awful shit you may have seen on Ally McBeal.

Have most of a full album together demo-wise, and are currently hunting down the elusive new members to join this ragtag group of amazing*. 

*Of course, amazing is a biased word and may be hopelessly inaccurate depending on your viewpoint.

So yea, buckle your seatbelts Nashville, cause your xmas list may have been filled early.  '13 may be the year of S2D2*.

*Statement possibly wholly inaccurate. 

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Spoiler Alert!

Oct 28 2012

Did you have your fill of our last single, Casual Chris?  If not, go check out itunes or amazon and get your copy!  Even the man himself, ABC's Chris Harrison, retweeted and called it "genius!"  WOOT!

Our new single is out today, and it's called Spoiler Alert.  It's more synthpop but that just makes it even more fun.  You can stream it for free at our bandcamp, and pay what you'd like to if you want to download it!  All good in the hood!

Go nuts,

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Sep 09 2012

A lot of people have been asking us, "what's next?" 

A good question indeed.  Firstly, let us thank everyone's who's supported us, seen us play, bought a CD, wears a tshirt, rocks a button, etc.  It certainly isn't easy to stop when you're surrounded by such epic coolness.  You all are awesome, and we really hope you love, and continue to love, the music we made/will make.

While the band itself is taking an indefinite break, my bro and I are never really going to stop.  It's not possible!  When we started rebuilding musically with a drum machine in Nashville 3 years ago, we were debating between calling ourselves I Believe in Hotpants and Farewell Andromeda Strain.  While both certainly plausible, after discussing for about 5 seconds, we registered

It's that kind of humor and spontaneity that really fuel us in music and in life.  With that in mind, we're going to take I Believe in Hotpants and use it as an umbrella for pretty much everything Moritz/Moritz.  :-) 

But still you ask, "What next?"  Currently, we've got a new single that's dropping on Monday, but it's probably not what you expect.  It's called Casual Chris, and we wrote, recorded, made video and upped it to itunes and the like in 2 days.  It's humor + spontaneity + catchy pop goodness, and despite what it sounds like, is completely I Believe in Hotpants.

Beyond that, we're keeping an eye out for sweet acoustic gigs, and not really actively seeking a drummer.  If one comes our way, we'll certainly be interested, but I think the days of scouring craigslist with corny ads are over.  So, the new page is turned.  Let it rain, bitches...we'll be safe under the new I Believe in Hotpants umbrella.

Mike and Kevin     

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The End of an Era

Aug 31 2012

Next Thursday night at the High Watt will be our last show with Jim!  Life comes swift and hard, and unfortunately, hotpants often times doesn't fit in.  :-(  So please come out and let's have an amazing time! 

As for the future?  Might just be back to acoustic shows and drum machine demos, friends! 


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Aug 09 2012

Well, something's come up.  Basically, everything but these two upcoming shows is on hold.  So, come on out and see hotpants while you can.  Love you all. 


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